Temperature checking machines Australia 

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How does it all work?

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Temperature checking machines Australia 



How can our product help your business?

This new technology has extensive range of features

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These units will allow for a non invasive and automatic thermal temperature scan of your employees, visitors and/or contractors on arrival and alert you immediately if their temperature is too high to enter the premises.

Visitor Management System integration currently available - With an acceptable result the unit will display a QR Code and the individual (visitor, contractor or employee) will scan the QR Code and complete the appropriate sign in process on their own mobile phone. This can still be connected to a visitor pass printer using the right set up and approved hardware.

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Monitor and check anyone's temperature that enters your business

Instant sms for a failed temperature check

Upgrade to include visitor management software including evacuation management and instant messaging to every person in your building

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FACIAL RECOGNITION - allows you to quickly and accurately temperature check and sign in your employees. 130,000 record capacity. Up to 1000 people identity tracking.

The key benefits of this new technology that are clear stand outs

SMART ALERTS - Gain real time information about personnel entering your facilities, enabling you to take measures to keep your premises safe and secure. Via email or SMS, receive 1200 SMS per year

HIGH TEMPERATURE ALARM - A visual and audio alert when the detected body temperature is high.

AUTOMATIC HAND SANITISER DISPENSER - 100% Australian Made Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser (Hospital Grade).

PLUG & PLAY - Easy to install and commission, and is simple to operate with minimal training using an intuitive graphical user interface.

12 MONTH WARRANTY & SUPPORT - We guarantee our products with a 12 month warranty and Australian support so that you can focus on what you do best.

CONFIGURATION & TRAINING - included with all records housed in a cloud-based system. All data stored in AWS Sydney based servers.

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Automatically check the temperature of everyone that enters your business

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