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Tracking multiple locations

Centralising company security

Managing visitors

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Visitor Management On Demand

Streamline visitor management

Enhance reception productivity

Improve visitor safety

Can be deployed in minutes

No software to download

Online/web based

Visitor Management is a web-based software that will revolutionise the way your organisation manages visitors, contractors and staff on a single site or on multiple sites across the country and around the world.

Visitor Management On-Demand takes the hassle away from your current manual system and puts control back into the hands of your organisation; ensuring you can meet your compliance obligations around visitor, contractor and staff safety, evacuations and asset protection.

We are now able to manage our contractors, we previously had a very old paper-based system that was virtually impossible to use effectively and was often not used at all. Within minutes we track our contractors whereabouts and time onsite, providing transparency and accountability from our contractors.

I like the ease of use for our contractors, and the flexibility with all the different options available for use. Also the help desk support is very prompt.

I am looking forward to the new ‘live’ onsite module that will be coming out soon. At this stage there is nothing that I can find fault with.

Easily manage contractors across large locations

Provides transparency and accountability

Easy for visitors to use and flexible

Works with existing computers

Help desk support is very prompt

Visitor Management Systems

Switching over to a web-based program will eliminate paper logs, which are not only unreliable but costly. Communication and tracking becomes not only more accurate, but also real-time and cost-efficient. Time spent manually tracking visitors, event progress or contractors and assignments are eliminated when everything is automatically tracked and stored.

Replace your existing manual visitors book

Frequent visitors register faster

Alert staff of visitor arrivals by email or SMS

Report easily with visual & detailed reporting

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Contractor Management Systems

Regardless of the size of your business, Visitor Management Systems will give you a greater sense of security and control over all aspects of your business, including whose coming and going. We help you to easily stay in control of all elements of Visitor Registrations, Badge and Label Personalisation, Contractor Presence, and Evacuation Management.

Manage contractors, expiry dates, licences and more

Advanced emergency evacuation tools

Integrate with Turnstiles, Boom Gates and Access Points

Unlimited users, visitors, staff, and unlimited kiosks

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Visitor Management - Time & People, Australia

Time & People Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company dedicated to providing quality service and products. The Visitor Management System assists you in running a more secure and efficient business. Whether you need to keep track of daily visitors, contractors, staff or couriers, the Visitor Management System has the right software for your needs.

In 2014 customers from all over the world including New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, England, USA and Canada started using Visitor Management or Visitor Contractor Management on demand.

This online-based tracking system will save your company time and money, while being able to easily store information about visitors and contractors. The system is easy to use and easy to implement, with benefits that range from time-saving for your reception area staff to creating a safer working environment for you employees.

Management of vaccine registration

Worried about managing vaccination status at your premises? Stop worrying, we have the solution. Our Software allows you to manage check-in and vaccination records. Add the ability to record that you as an organisation have viewed and verified a visitors digital vaccination certificate as part of the sign in process.

Avoid your staff having to act as bouncers

Quickly & professionally share information if any cases are recorded

Have all your records at your fingertips

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How Visitor Management Helped Darwin International Airport

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Used by 1000’s of big and small businesses!

Australia and New Zealand

Used by 1000’s of big and small businesses!

Visitor Management Systems, Servicing Australia & New Zealand.

Easy to Implement Web Software.

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What else we can help with...


Desk Booking

Employee Scheduling

Manage the number of employees in your office

Manage all your paper work in one system

Employees can book a desk when in the office

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Employee Management

Managing your employees, profile information, access rights, qualification, security, lone workers and inductions can be very time consuming with a manual system. Let Visitor Management Systems take the hassle out of employee management with attendance tracking, including remote/off-site locations, compliance requirements, and induction management across one or multiple sites.

Create and manage employee profiles

Create rules and actions to support your site security

Manage access permissions/track presence

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Touchless sign in and out

Powerful reporting and insight