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Contact Tracing

Centralising Company Security

Covid-19 Compliance Checking

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Visitor Management Systems Features

Screen and trace everyone on-site

Manage Compliance

Contact tracing

Set maximum occupancy rules

Receive alerts

Pandemic screening

With so many people passing through your facility each day, it’s crucial to keep a record of who is on (or off) site.

Visitor Management Systems

Switching over to a web-based program will eliminate paper logs, which are not only unreliable but costly. Communication and tracking becomes not only more accurate, but also real-time and cost-efficient. Time spent manually tracking visitors, event progress or contractors and assignments are eliminated when everything is automatically tracked and stored.

Replace your existing manual visitors book

Frequent visitors register faster

Alert staff of visitor arrivals by email or SMS

Report easily with visual & detailed reporting

Contractor Management Systems

Regardless of the size of your business, Visitor Management Systems will give you a greater sense of security and control over all aspects of your business, including whose coming and going. We help you to easily stay in control of all elements of Visitor Registrations, Badge and Label Personalisation, Contractor Presence, and Evacuation Management.

Manage contractors, expiry dates, licences and more

Advanced emergency evacuation tools

Integrate with Turnstiles, Boom Gates and Access Points

Unlimited users, visitors, staff, and unlimited kiosks

Management Systems

Time & People Pty Ltd is dedicated to providing quality service and products. The Visitor Management System assists you in running a more secure and efficient business. Whether you need to keep track of daily visitors, contractors, staff or couriers, the Visitor Management System has the right software for your needs.

In 2014 customers from all over the world including New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, England, USA and Canada started using Visitor Management or Visitor Contractor Management on demand.

This online-based tracking system will save your company time and money, while being able to easily store information about visitors and contractors. The system is easy to use and easy to implement, with benefits that range from time-saving for your reception area staff to creating a safer working environment for your employees.

Induction Management Systems

Whether your company’s primary focus for management software is planning events or managing visitors, a web-based visitor management system will help your company save both time and money. Web-based systems can easily organize all visitor or contractor information, communicate with other parties and manage all data in one virtual location.

No more Power Point Inductions

Automate Induction renewals for staff and contractors

Get them inducted before they even come on-site

Fully integrated with Visitor & Contractor Management

Protecting those in aged care has become more important than ever in recent times. 

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a collective awareness and responsibility to protect our vulnerable from infectious illnesses and seasonal flu strains.

Our Popular Management Systems

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Your program has revolutionised our entry and screening process for Family members, Contractors, Volunteers, and Employees. Previous to WOL all our visitors required a manual check of current flu vaccinations (now mandatory in Aged Care) that would have to be checked every time they entered any of our facilities, they would answer COVID screening questions on a paper log sheet that left us open to a risk question being overlooked. Contractors are required in addition to this to provide evidence of a current Police Check, current insurances as well as having completed an Annual Site Induction, this again had to be manually checked on a spreadsheet prior to them being permitted onto the site. All of these processes were very time consuming and difficult to monitor and manage as well as trying to maintain Infection Control.

WOL has greatly simplified this process, streamlining the entry process and ensuring that we are compliant with all the current regulations. The program is logical and easy to use, qualifications that are automatically checked through the entry kiosk means reducing the number of hours spent manually checking and the printed name badges show that the person has signed in and has all the necessary requirements.

Mal Maloney
Maintenance Manager

Easily manage Family members, Contractors, Volunteers, and Employees

Making the screening process faster and more efficient

Logical and easy to use system

Safer for everyone

How Visitor Management Helped Bene Aged Care

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Visitor Management can help you mitigate the risk to residents, employees, visitors, family members and volunteers alike.

Collect and store Flu Vaccine Certificates against an employee or visitors profile and be notified if they attempt to sign in without one

Quickly and easily report on who has come into contact with an affected individual.

Screen everyone coming on-site with custom questions to determine anything from ‘Have you experienced flu-like symptoms in the past 14 days?” to “What was your temperature today?”

Notify the right people if someone attempts to sign in outside of your policy.

Prevent overcrowding and limit the number of people permitted on-site by setting a maximum occupancy. When the maximum is reached, any further attempts to sign in will fail.

Instantly communicate an important message via text or email to those on or off-site

Instant Messages


Track Police Checks, Flu Vaccination evidence, insurances, inductions and more

Touchless sign in - Scan a QR code to enter

Employees, service providers and all pre-approved visitors
For a completely touchless sign in, use any smart phone’s camera to scan a QR code upon sign in and then answer any questions you may wish to ask the person to confirm on signing in.

Easily manage Family members, Contractors, Volunteers, and Employees

Making the screening process faster and more efficient

Logical and easy to use system

Safer for everyone